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Bazi Birth Chart Analysis

Identify and apply your essential strengths and weaknesses


In Chinese medicine, timing is an important variable that affects your whole life and overall health. Most fundamentally, this influence unfolds based on your specific year, month, day, and hour of birth.

Ba 八 means “eight”. Zi 字 means “character”. Using your birthdate, a skilled Bazi practitioner determines eight characters that are unique to you. Examining the dynamic relationships among them, you can highlight your strengths and weaknesses as well as see the presence or absence of personal, social, financial, professional, political, academic, spiritual, etc. potency during different phases of your lifetime progression. For instance, Bazi may reveal when you will be more or less likely to make successful investments, find meaningful partnerships, create a family, gain career reputation, or pursue more education. Thus, you can make safer and better decisions.

Bazi is not set in stone. It is an adaptable tool that you may repeatedly consult whenever you need help resolving your particular concerns, questions, and insecurities. It can even be applied to treatments by an acupuncturist with relevant clinical Bazi training.

To request a Bazi Birth Chart Analysis for you or others, please refer to The Academy of Acupuncture’s Ba Zi Consultant Finder.

To register for a comprehensive class on how to layout and read a Bazi Birth Chart, please visit The Academy of Acupuncture.