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IMG_9994As part of our Traditional Chinese Medicine offerings, we provide moxibustion treatment to supplement acupuncture. Moxibustion uses moxa, or the rolled, dried leaves of mugwort, a plant related to the daisy family, to help treat many conditions.

Depending on the patient’s need, the moxa stick is lit and either held slightly above the patient’s skin or placed directly, yet safely, on the skin surface. Moxa may be used to warm energy meridians with the intent of stimulating or moving the blood and Qi. This can help treat conditions associated with “cold” or “Yang” (warmth) deficiencies, as well as effectively help to turn breech babies.

Moxibustion may also help to energize the body, for example adding wakefulness to the knees and low back due to deficiency conditions. This is why moxibustion is often prescribed for the first day of spring and the first day of fall—times when the body especially benefits from the addition of new energy.

Eileen Han Acupuncture performs moxibustion as home treatment. Patients and fellow practitioners may also purchase these highly effective items here.