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This class was recorded in 2022.

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7 CEUs (CA Acupuncture Board)

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Dr. Tan's Strategy of 12 Magical Points

In this course, Dr. Han will provide an in-depth explanation of his Strategy of Twelve Magical Points designed to treat the entire body by regulating all 12 meridians. This strategy was designed specifically for complicated pathological conditions by applying a unique combination of all twelve meridians, the Five Transporting Points, the Imaging Format, Four Segment Timing, and the Yin/Yang Balancing Dynamic. Each of these concepts will be discussed in detail in order to provide a clear understanding of the methodology behind the strategy.

Specifically, three Shu Points are selected on each limb by regions using the format of the Five Shu Point relationship to Four Segment Timing which balances the body to the fourth dimension, time. Placement of the Shu Points reflect the Imaging Format in motion beginning with the Jing-Well points at the tips of the fingers and toes and ending with the He-Sea points at the knees and elbows. The whole body is treated by the Imaging Format with the Shu Points. The arrangement of the Yin/Yang Balancing Dynamic creates a model of balance for the body, sets the symmetrical pattern into motion, and shifts the body from a state of imbalance to balance. There are 16 possible patterns which can be used when designing a treatment plan. These patterns will be discussed in terms of case studies to help assist applicants in the practical application of this method. Time will also be allotted for hands-on demonstration of the treatments.

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