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To Bluetooth or Not

Are You Exposing Yourself to Unnecessary Radiation?


Recently, one of my loyal patients who loves technology came into the clinic listening to music through her new cordless, Bluetooth-powered Apple AirPods. These earphones—one in each ear—communicate with each other through a radio wave frequency (RF) technology that delivers microwave radiation from one ear, through the head and brain, to the other ear. I sadly had to inform her that wearing those cutting-edge earphones were not in her best health interest.

She wasn’t happy and insisted on doing her own research at home. What she learned about the health risks of these AirPods had a profound impact on her immediately. At her next visit, she came in wearing corded, non-Bluetooth earphones—a much healthier option, even if these earphones do provide sound amplification that may also have detrimental effects on the body and brain. In any case, I was happy to have helped her make a smarter decision in avoiding an unnecessary level of radiation.

In our modern, tech-savvy times, it’s easy to forget that all of our devices that make life simpler, easier, and convenient may not be the most beneficial for us after all. Research is ongoing and much controversy surrounds the discussion about the radiation dangers from Bluetooth technology. Keeping this in mind, I ask you to consider whether long-term exposure to microwave radiation via Bluetooth is worth the possibility of cancer, brain tumors, autoimmune illness, cellular changes, and even just headaches and neck pain.

So the next time you think about ͞plugging in͟, take a moment to consider how you can reduce your risk of radiation exposure. Maybe it’s as simple as using your speakerphone, avoiding Bluetooth technology, and keeping your phone a safer distance from your body.


With respect to you and your health,